Why Rush Delta Sigma Pi?

Throughout your undergraduate career, you will learn the basics of the business world through your classes. But beyond your knowledge of economics, finance, and marketing, you will need to gain professional experience and network. Oftentimes, students struggle to differentiate themselves or gain the professional skills they need to succeed.

The Alpha Rho Chapter is made up of thousands of active and alumni brothers with diverse resumes. From selective internships to full-time positions at top companies, our members and alumni represent some of the best and the brightest at Leeds and beyond. Joining our fraternity will include you in this vast network of mentors and professionals who can help guide you down the path to success.

Beyond the connections, the Alpha Rho chapter is committed to finding opportunities for all of our members. We offer dozens of professional events, putting us face to face with recruiters and industry professionals. Each semester, we host an exclusive professional dinner with companies who are excited to recruit from our fraternity. With a strong chapter GPA and a history of professionalism, being recognized as a Delta Sig will help you stand out as a strong candidate in any field.

According to the National Association of Colleges and Employers, 80% of employers look for evidence of leadership skills on a candidate’s resume. As a brother of Alpha Rho, there are several opportunities to enhance your leadership skills. There are 19 positions on the Alpha Rho Board of Executives. These positions include: President, Senior Vice President, Vice President of Professional Activities, Vice President of Finance, Vice President of Community Service, Secretary, Chancellor, and Pledge Educator, just to name a few.

There are also 9 positions available on the Pledge Board of Executives, so you can participate in a leadership position from the beginning. By holding an executive position, a brother will learn how to collaborate, innovate, and play a fundamental role in running an organization. Our members are solely responsible for managing the organization's budget, recruiting, hosting professional events, overseeing meetings, and all other operational activities. Through these experiences, our brothers learn valuable skills that will allow them to succeed in a career.

Every semester, active brothers in Alpha Rho complete over 300 combined hours of community service. We offer an average of two community service events per week and have collaborated with dozens of local organizations.

On Saturday mornings, you can find our members handing out toiletries and sandwiches to the homeless or cleaning up litter from Colorado's highways. Our members volunteer at the Boulder Valley Humane Society, There with Care, the Ronald McDonald House, the YMCA, Boulder Fammily Learning Center, Rake Up Boulder, Bonfils Blood Drive, Boulder Boost, and more. Delta Sigs are committed to giving back and getting involved in the community of Boulder.

The University of Colorado at Boulder has a total undergraduate population of over 27,000 students. The Leeds School of Business has over 3,000 students. But on the sprawling CU Boulder campus, our members have all found a place within the diverse and close-knit community of the Alpha Rho chapter.

During their undergraduate careers, our brothers develop lifelong friendships that extend far beyond graduation. Each semester, we gather for retreats in the Rocky Mountains, hiking, barbeques, birthday celebrations, and formal banquets. Our brothers develop close bonds and often become roommates, co-workers, and friends.

Following the recruitment process, our newest members develop close connections with their pledge class as they work together towards initiation. Additionally, every pledge is matched with a “big”, who is there to be a personal mentor. Whether it be encouraging them through a difficult exam or hanging out on the weekends, our bigs are there to welcome our newest members to the community and help them through the pledging process.

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